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Make Up Games

Play free make up games at cindysgames.com. How about before and after games, face make up games, hairdresser games, mirror make up games, nail studio decoration and so on.

Popular Girl Games

Add makeup to different persons and characters. You will have loads of fun trying to make the girls and boys look as good as possible. If you do it firmly you will first clean the face and then apply a foundation. Add rouge for a slightly rough tone and thereafter you can go on to do the eye browns and add eye shadow. Don’t forget to use eye liner (on the eyelids and under the eyebrows) and mascara as well, to make the eyelashes look beautiful. With mascara you can add a darker color to the eye lash or thicken and/or lengthen the the same.

Every makeup game is different and you can not complete all steps in every game. A lot of the makeup games are actually pretty simple where you click on icons to change and apply makeup.

You can choose three kinds of makeup games, one where you work with a girl that sits in front of a large mirror, a second where you see before and after pictures and the third which we simnply call face makeup.

Do you like to cut hair and creaty stunning hairstyles? Play the hairdresser games and see if you can create the exact look that the customer ask for. Finally check out the manicure games. You'll be surprised how good looking your hands cann look like after a proper nail manicure.

Play the games now and find out which ones that are your favourites.

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